Reviews  Grace Like Snow

“Just finished your book. I really have never enjoyed a book more. I couldn’t sleep last nite, read until a few minutes before 3.” – Johanna

“Grace-filled snippets. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this little book–it’s a collection of thoughts with just enough spirituality thrown in. . .something rare in these times, it’s a book that just makes you feel good.”    – Jan

“I had just wearily shut off the news, once again feeling like our country was on a precipice of doom. Everyday there was evidence of evil destruction from humans to other humans. A steady diet of that can make you lose hope. So I picked up my copy of Grace Like Snow hoping to find some measure of comfort inside. I had intended to just read a couple of the short essays but after the the first few I could feel my mood lifting. The author has given the reader an injection of faith, one that is so needed in today’s world. I had a burst of recognition as I read. THIS is the real world, not the dispiriting depiction we see on the news everyday, but kindness, thoughtfulness, hope and truth. I would recommend this book for anyone who needs a reminder that most people fall into the good category – a great gift for anyone!” – Sandi

“Got my 4 in the mail! Just waiting for your autograph!” – Kathy

“I am so excited about Gayle Schuck’s new book “Grace Like Snow.” It’s one you’ll want to read in one sitting, hard to put down. She is such a good writer. I love her other books but this is my favorite.” – Georgia

“I like how the book is divided into Essays on Life, Personal Essays, Holidays, The Writer, and Faith. I believe every reader will find several heart-touching essays that remind them of special times, places, people, and events in their lives that they may have taken for granted at the time but seem like blessings now. For example, two personal essays that spoke to my small-town heart and stirred up sweet memories were “The Button Box” and “Canning Season. If this book is your first introduction to Schuck’s writing, I highly recommend all of her books because you’ll always come away uplifted and happy at the end.”  – Barbara

“I have skipped around in your book, but have now read it cover to cover. I enjoyed it so much. I laughed many times and other times felt your pain and your love for our God. Well done.” Bonnie

“Good morning Gayle, I just randomly opened your book Grace Like Snow to page 83: Nothing to Fear This Christmas. I am overcome with gratitude reading this  Thank You!  I keep this book next my chair. All the bad news going on in our country day after day with the mass shootings gave me reason to pick up book instead of reading anymore news.” Kathy

I’m a long-time reader and fan of Gayle Larson Schuck’s books. In speaking about her first novel, Schuck said, “By the Banks of Cottonwood Creek” isn’t about me or my hometown. Still, what is in the book is the sum total of a million of my own personal hopes, thoughts, insights, and experiences.” Barbara